Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Products worth raving about!!!!

There is a great place for eyebrow threading that I used to go to, it is called Ziba Beauty Center, they do everything from eyebrow threading, henna, bridal makeup, etc, its really an awesome place. Well I stopped going not because they do a bad job they actually do an excellent job , but because my eyes are too sensitive :( anyway I recommended this place to my mom and she loves it!!! She mentioned to me that they were starting a cosmetic line and that she was told their pencil eyeliner was make long story short I got my hands on that pencil liner and wow it is awesome and it does not fade away at all! My mom works at a very sweaty place and after shes home from work (after an 8 hour shift) her eyeliner is still in tact! That's to tell you how good it is. I love this is similar to Urban Decay's 24/7 pencil liner...I perfer this is about $8. Their website is check them out! I recommend them to everyone.

Ive never tried a gel liner before...I've always been a liquid liner type of girl...My mom got me for Christmas and I love it! The application is so easy and soft and it lasts all does not fade off for example when I'm curling my lashes or anything of that matter.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Kat Von D tattoo concealer

Ive been on a search for a new concealer...I have tried good ones such as clinique and Mac...but I was bored and I wanted to try something new....I went to sephora and tested the Kat Von D tattoo concealer and I looveddd the consistency of Ive decided to give it a try and wow is it good! I have dark under eye circles and this covers them very is a bit drying....I suggest to moisturize before applying don't need a lot to get good coverage and might I add that the packaging is gorgeous!!!!! I have not tried it on my tattoos...since this is actually a tattoo concealer but it can be used for pretty much everything. Its about 20 something dollars...a bit pricy but it will last a long time and again the coverage is great!

I love anything Gaga!!!!!

Yessssss I do love Gaga.....and when I saw this new Mac collection with her on it I went wonder the people at Mac play Lady Gaga all the time lol.....I also love Cindy Lauper I mean who doesnt! I cant wait for these lipsticks....and the money goes for a good cause so Im getting them :)